Joseph Michael is an everyday guy who loves God, his family, and helping others achieve their goals in the areas of entrepreneurship, life, & business.

Hustle + Persistence

Joseph Michael is a top-notch trainer & coach who helps people replace or surpass their current incomes while enjoying a more flexible and fulfilling lifestyle. In 2013 Joseph started his online business out of his 2002 Honda Civic during his lunch breaks. In less than a year he tripled his full-time corporate income and achieved his lifelong dream of working for himself, while having the money, time, and flexibility to travel and make lasting memories with his wife and kids.

He has mastered the art of teaching online while also developing non-sleazy marketing techniques responsible for bringing in 25,000 + student enrollments into his online courses. His most recent course, Easy Course Creation, helps people package their own knowledge into something they can be proud, known for, and make a profit with...just as he has done. 

His training programs have been called the secret weapon of ordinary people that are looking to replace their income, work from wherever, and reach a wider audience that impacts hundreds…even though of people…every single day. 

He is regularly celebrated for his easy to follow step-by-step teaching style and down to earth demeanor. When he's not hustling on his next project or helping other entrepreneurs with can find him making memories with his wife and kids .

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Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value.
— Albert Einstein


  • August 2012 - January 2013 - In the Game. Started a blog called No idea how to play or what I'm doing at this point, but I'm loving it. Soaking up information like a sponge. Feeling pretty overwhelmed.


  • April 2013 - Started learning about things like SEO, headlines, & keyword research. Made my 1st dollar online by placing a small Adsense ad on and a few people actually clicked on it. (Wow) 


  • May 2013 - Inspired to start creating my first online course, after realizing that money comes from solving people's problems. I started looking for a problem I could solve and found a huge one helping people get over the learning curve with the software Scrivener. (wondering if anyone would pay for this)


  • September, 2013 - Took a shower and got another idea. Launched to help bloggers with graphics etc. 


  • October 2013 - 1st $1,000 month. (Holy crap!) This post and this post both went viral which means there were a lot of people clicking on Adsense ads. I guess I'm starting to figure out this keyword research thing afterall :-)


  • November, 2013 - surpasses 1 million views. (Blown away...mouth hanging open with stunned look on face)


  • January, 2014 - 1st $6,000 month. Launched after spending 10 long months in the creation trenches. All those days filled with self doubt and wanting to quit are starting to feel worth it now. (and maybe people are willing to pay for this afterall)


  • February 2014 - surpasses 2 million views (crazy right) It doubled in just 2 months. Now I can appreciate the power of "viral". 


  • March 2014 - 1st $12,000 month! (speechless)


  • May 2014 - 1st $22,000 month! Ok this is ridiculous...why am I still working a 50 hour a week day job that I don't enjoy to make $3,000?


  • July 2014 - Quit the day job to work from home, spend more time with my family, and live my dream. (Pinching myself) 


  • August 2014 - 1st $40,000 month. (whaaat! and to think I got into this thing to make an extra $300 a month. ) So glad I quit the day job. 


  • September 2014 - Spoke at Fincon14 on "How To Create A Digital Product" (Saw a lot hope in people's eyes & light bulbs over their cool). It's amazing to think I was in their seat at this same conference just one year prior wondering if this whole internet business thing could work for me. Oh the difference a year of hustle can make!


  • October 2014 - Falling in love with Webinars. Just one webinar produced a bigger paycheck than 4 months salary at my old day job. (still pinching myself)


  • November 2014 - Disney cruise with the family. Made enough $ in passive income sales to cover the whole cost of the trip while sailing in the Caribbean. Still getting used to this whole lifestyle business thing!


  • December 2014 - had a $15,000 day (yes, d-a-y) this month & won an affiliate contest! Closing out the year with over $220,000 in online revenue and on track to double next year. Simply amazing. Thanking God everyday for his wisdom and blessings.



  • February 2015 - Did a roundup of all the actual testimonials that have been coming in from my course, Learn Scrivener Fast, and published them on this page about rewarding! (makes me tear up) 


  • March 2015 - Interviewed on This was another one of those cool moments when you get to be on a show that you listened to in the beginning and thought "I wonder if I could do that..."

  • July 2015 - Over 15,000 students now enrolled in my Learn Scrivener Fast course.

  • September 2015 - $75K in revenue this month. New record. (Once again reminding myself how I got into this thing to make an extra $300) I'm also reminded of Ephesians 3:20-21.

  • December 2015 - Closing the year out with $500K in revenue. The goal this year was to double 2014's numbers. Always feels good to meet and exceed a goal. Now to see if we can do it once more in 2016 :-)

  • January 2016 - Created a new course to share everything I've learned about online product creation and marketing. Launched and generated over six-figures in 7 days. 

  • August 2016 - Opened enrollment for Easy Course Creation again and generated had another six-figure launch. 

  • March 2017 - Launched 30-Day Book Writing Bootcamp

  • June 2017 - Launched a weekly training newsletter called "Cup of Joe" where I'll share behind-the-scenes stuff as well as teach something useful every Friday.  

  • June 2017 - Created 2 courses: 1) Writer Research System and 2) Get Readers Fast

  • July 2017 - 2 new courses in the works: 1) Small List: Big Impact and 2) a 4 week self-publishing bootcamp