5 Steps To Writing A Blog Post While Feeding A Newborn Baby

I hear people ask all the time "How do you find time to write blog posts?"

The short answer is you don't. You MAKE time. You have to find those small margins of life and maximize those moments. And sometimes it requires that you get a little creative.

For example:

My wife and I just recently had our second child. It’s amazing how incredibly time consuming newborns are. They rely on you for everything.


Could I use this as an excuse and say "I don't have time to write...I have a newborn for crying ou loud"?


And it would even be a valid excuse.

But remember this quote:

"If it is important to you, you will find a way. If not, you’ll find an excuse."

This is true when it comes to "finding a way" to write that blog post.

As an example I wanted to show you how I wrote this post while feeding my newborn baby. And my hope is that it will inspire you to get creative and find a way instead of an excuse.

5 Steps To Writing A Blog Post While Feeding A Baby

1. Position The Baby On Your Lap Between Your Knees

 This position makes it easier to feed with one hand.

2. Use The Evernote App On Your Smart Phone

Navigate to the app with your free hand. This will take some experimenting as sometimes it's easier to hold the bottle with your strong hand or sometimes it's easier to navigate the app on your smartphone with your strong hand -- only you will know.

3. Use The Microphone Text To Speech Option

This works amazingly well and encompasses two things at once:

  1. You're able to talk your blog posts into the editor.
  2. Your baby will love to hear you talk.

The key here is not to worry about formatting or punctuation or anything else like that for now. Juust get your words into text.

3. If You Get Stuck - Stop & Burp The Baby

Another 2-fer - your baby still needs to be burped (priorities Mr.) don't neglect your child for the love of God. Use the burping time as a mental breather. Once finished resume the feeding position and start text-to-speech again.

4. Edit & Format When You Get Back To Your Computer

The beauty of Evernote is that it will automatically sync to your desktop. So all you'll have to do is pull up the note and start editing. Now don't freak out. There will most likely be a ton of mistakes but don't worry about it. Seriously, it only takes a few minutes to fix and clean things up.

5. Copy And Paste The Text Over To WordPress

Once you get the text into WordPress go ahead and format to your liking then insert any images and Boom! you're done! Publish that sucker.

*P.S. I wrote (spoke) this post before my son even finished half his bottle. Oh and he thought it was hilarious the whole time. *